Art is a movement. A beautiful dance.

My study over the years has brought me to a new level of appreciation for all types of art. It seems I am always dabbling in its various forms that forever play off of each other. Whatever I do, whether painting or music, the foundation is art. I cannot separate the two. What a glorious adventure that I have barely begun. Although I started drawing in high school it wasn’t until my time at BSU that I began to take learning techniques seriously. I studied mostly drawing and painting along with a really fun stint with printmaking, where I fell in love with etching. After a few years as a graphic designer I went into full-time freelance illustration for 10 years completing almost 40 children’s books with Matel, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University, Harper-Collins, National Geographic, and Learning A-Z, to name a few. School visits, mentoring students, and teaching community classes has been a way for me to give back to the artist community. Recently, I have started a YouTube channel and Patreon, where I explore painting techniques, artist life, and encourage fellow artists to follow their dreams.

I tell stories and chase art. 

Nicholas Jackson

Represented by WendyLynn & Co

I have the priveledge of being represented by WendyLynn & Co. Please feel free to reach out to Kyle with any children’s books needs.

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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA

Making Art in the Frozen North.

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