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LIMITED EDITION Love You To The Moon Giclee Fine Art Print


This is a giclee fine art print on textured watercolor paper.

A giclee print is a fine art print created with high quality, archival grade, pigment-based inks.

The colors are richer and more intense than in a normal art print and create the closest reproduction to the original art piece.

This is a limited edition print run. There will only be 20 prints in this edition. 

Each print is signed and numbered on the front.

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I wanted to share a little bit about my new painting, Love You To The Moon.

I have been thinking about fatherhood a lot lately.

Being a father is something I have always looked forward to; it has become one of the best things about life.

Watching my kids grow up has been amazing and we have certainly shared a lot of incredible memories.

One of my favorite memories is being there for my daughter as she drifted off to sleep.

She would typically snuggle up close and wrap her leg over me so that I could get up. lol

These are precious moments and I wanted to always remember them by capturing a painting about being her safe harbor, her protector……her dad.


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