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Nicholas Jackson

I Tell Stories and Chase Art

I like to draw, drink tea, and make videos. With over 15 years of illustration experience, I am happy to help bring your stories to life.

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Love You To The Moon.

I have been thinking about fatherhood a lot lately.

Being a father is something I have always looked forward to; it has become one of the best things about life.

Watching my kids grow up has been amazing and we have certainly shared a lot of incredible memories.

One of my favorite memories is being there for my daughter as she drifted off to sleep.

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My new adventure is creating content on YouTube where I talk about my techniques, explore the artist life, and encourage new artists.


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Nicholas is currently taking commissions. Please email him at to begin.

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Nicholas Jackson Illustration

The art store of fantasy illustrator and fine artist Nicholas Jackson of Bemidji, Minnesota.

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